Gathering of the Guilds!

Last year, a couple of months before this time, I was preparing for my first ever jewelry show - Gathering of the Guilds, hosted by a collection of 6 artist guilds in Portland. I was in a panic, trying to get business cards and packaging figured out, making sure I had enough inventory to display and sell, realizing that I needed *inventory* and not just things I felt like making for myself, and OMG what was I going to do for displays?

It was a lot. 

And then Covid came, and the show was postponed, (then cancelled), and I was both disappointed and relieved. I took my panic time and turned it into a relaxing, fun, "play with marketing" endeavor. I got this website up, I focused on designing some coherent collections, and really got my head around what I wanted to do with my jewelry. And I put off the display stuff completely. Phew. It was kind of a boon, tbh. 

Today is the beginning of this year's Gathering of the Guilds show. And now I'm prepared. I have this site. I know what my jewelry is about. I know how to take and process and upload photos when I make new pieces and new collections. I have it all in hand.

And yet still, 40 mins before I have a zoom Meet and Greet scheduled, I still am behind doing things like showering, and doing something presentable with my hair. 

Welcome, enjoy, look around, ask me questions. I hope you like what you see! (and if you join me on my first zoom this morning - sorry about the wet hair...)