On hold

Today was the day I was supposed to sell my jewelry in public for the first time. Portland's "Gathering of the Guilds" is a pretty big show, and I'd signed up as an Emerging Artist (which, tbh, sounds a little like nekkid cocoon escaping). I was pretty edgy - Did I have enough product? How am I going to display things? Do I have packaging? OMG I need to make business cards and that means I need to have a website! - but I made myself get a grip and I worked on the less fun marketing stuff.

Then covid hit, and the show was postponed until Halloween weekend (https://gatheringoftheguilds.com/) and I gave myself a little break. I didn't need to focus on the website, I can make some new things. So that's what I'm doing today. New pieces on the bench. 

I'll get back to the website soon.