Orrery VI - Asteroid Belt
Orrery VI - Asteroid Belt
Orrery VI - Asteroid Belt

Orrery VI - Asteroid Belt

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Between Mars and Jupiter is a lane in the solar system that contains a bunch of planet-ish material, but not a whole planet. The asteroid belt is like a stream of legos that were the dreams of a planet that never got finished and got left on the floor for someone to step on in the middle of the night. 

There are over a million known asteroids in the belt, and some of them get jarred loose of their orbits by the passing gravity of Jupiter, Mars, or an occasional comet. Some of those have new orbits that cross Earth's, and some of those are timed so well (or poorly, depends) that they cross when Earth happens to be right there. ("HEY I'M EATING HERE!") Anyway, they enter the earths atmosphere and either burn up as a meteor or survive to land as a meteorite. 

Long story short, (I am sparing you the details of the different kinds of meteorites), I sprinkled in a few iron meteorites into this asteroid belt. It's more literal than I usually am, but I think it was the right thing to do. Also, in the starring role as the center of the system is an absolutely gorgeous piece of ammolite - a vibrantly colored, opalized shell of a fossil ammonite. 

53x56mm, 18" steel cable choker

sterling silver, 23.5k gold foil, ammolite, london blue topaz, campo del cielo meteorites